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"CRE8 or DIE" is the ultimate podcast made by creators for creators, hosted by designer, illustrator, animator and creative leader Ike Allred. Get ready for a wild ride as Ike covers a crap-ton of topics that every creative—professional or otherwise—will totally resonate with! In some episodes, Ike imparts some of the tasty knowledge-nugz he's picked up over the years as a creative leader. And guess what? He also sits down with some seriously talented creative professionals to uncover insights that are sure to blow your mind! The mission here? To demystify the world of commercial art, design, music, and tech, while helping you kick imposter syndrome in the crotch! So, if you want to level up your creative game or just dive headfirst into the creative world, you don't wanna miss "CRE8 or DIE." Trust us, it's pure awesomeness bottled up and ready for your consumption!

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