Setting Boundaries: Project Scoping For The Win!

Setting Boundaries: Project Scoping For The Win!

Welcome back to another empowering episode of CRE8 or DIE, the go-to podcast for creative enthusiasts and innovators! This time, your host Ike takes you on a thrilling journey through his early days in freelance creative consulting, sharing spine-chilling tales of project mismanagement due to a lack of effective scoping.

A lesson hard-learned, but Ike turned these experiences into a winning formula for project scoping, and he's here to share it with you. Dive into this episode to arm yourself with knowledge that not only saves you from potential project pitfalls, but also sets you on the path to creative victory.

Understand how to establish clear expectations with clients, effectively manage the scope of your projects, and prevent the nightmarish chaos that can ensue when projects go off-rails. Don't let the lack of scope turn your creative dream into a horror story. Tune in, level up, and prepare to turn your project boundaries into your creative triumph!

Music by: Tom Kittell

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