Freelancing in 2024

Freelancing in 2024

Title: Freelancing in 2024

Dive into the essentials of freelancing in 2024 with host Ike Allred and special guest Trevor Williams in this enlightening episode of CRE8 or DIE. In a world reshaped by the post-pandemic era, Ike and Trevor share their expertise on securing upfront payments — a crucial strategy for financial stability in the gig economy. They don’t just stop there; the conversation also covers the smart practices of working with subcontractors, transforming potential challenges into opportunities for growth. Each tip and tactic provided is aimed at equipping you with the knowledge to not only navigate but excel in the freelancing world. Whether you’re aiming to refine your freelancing skills or are just starting out, this episode is your quick-start guide to thriving as a freelancer in 2024.


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