Design Project Fails

Design Project Fails

Design Project Fails

Ever faced the nightmare of a design project going horribly wrong? 🚨

You're not alone. In this eye-opening episode of 'CRE8 or DIE,' Ike pulls back the curtain on one of his most epic project failures and walks you through the crucial lessons learned.

✨ Why Watch This Episode? ✨

Get real-world insights on navigating project failure in the creative industry

Uncover the Do's and Don'ts when dealing with setbacks

Learn strategies for effective team communication during crisis

Be inspired to turn your 'failures' into learning opportunities

Whether you're a graphic designer, UX/UI designer, or any creative professional striving to make it in the tech world, this episode is a must-watch. No fluff, just actionable insights. Let's turn those mistakes into stepping stones for success! 👊

Music by: Tom Kittell

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