Create or die, do you agree?

Create or die, do you agree?

Title: Create or die, do you agree?

In this no-holds-barred episode of "CRE8 or DIE," we delve deep into the heart of what it means to truly be a creator. Inspired by a compelling viral clip from the legendary Dennis Hopper, we explore the existential question that separates the true artists from the hobbyists: If you were stripped of your ability to create—be it acting, painting, writing, or any form of artistic expression—would that be the end of you? Hopper challenges us with a stark choice: If the answer is yes, then you have no choice but to embrace your destiny as a creator. If no, then perhaps it's time to step aside and revel in the joy of others' creations, leading a content life without the urge to create.

As your host, I don't just throw this question out there; I take a stand. For me, it's a resounding YES. Creation isn't just something I do; it's who I am. Throughout this episode, I weave in personal anecdotes, reflections on the role of AI in the creative process, and the importance of pushing the boundaries of creation.

But this isn't just about me or Dennis Hopper. This is about all of us who live and breathe to create. It's a call to arms—to either embrace your creative destiny with everything you've got or to find peace and fulfillment in a life without the compulsion to create.

Closing on a personal note, this episode is dedicated to my mother, who recently passed away. Her spirit and support have been a guiding light in my journey as a creator, and this episode serves as a tribute to her enduring influence.

Tune in to "CRE8 or DIE" for a raw, unfiltered dive into the essence of creativity. Whether you're an artist struggling with your path or someone curious about the creative process, this episode is a must-listen. It's time to answer the question once and for all: Create or die—where do you stand?


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